Tradingview: New Online Charts Platform

TradingView is the new online real-time charting platform that is gaining popularity in the financial world. The Tradingview service is an online charting service: that is, tradingview offers its users the opportunity to view real-time graphs regarding different types of assets (equities, stock indices,tradingview forex indicators like currency pairs, commodities). In addition to the possibility of applying the tools of technical analysis. Through this platform it is possible to access charts of any stock market index, not only the international ones (SP500, Dow Jones) but also the national ones (FTSE MIB, etc.), the forex and futures market with more than 150 indices available. Free platform (with PRO functionality for the most demanding)Real-time quotes and charts on forex, stocks, indices, etf, etc, commodities, precious metals and much more. Ability to interact with all users with chat, comments to graphics and educational webinarsIt is possible to publish trading ideas and check how the trading signal has evolved over time.

Tradingview is nothing more than an online charting service. You can analyze the graphs online, apply the tools of technical analysis and follow the current trends. We remind you that most of the services offered by Tradingview are available for free: another good reason to try the Tradingview site. Below you can see an example of a chart taken from the Tradingview site. Without a good graph, which allows you, among other things, to apply the tools of technical analysis, you will not go anywhere. Using an advanced charting service like Tradingview is essential if you want to trade online.

As a feature, TradingView in beta offers one of the most powerful comparators on the market free of charge. The comparator facilitates the selection of stocks for investments, both in the US market and in other markets. In fact, through this comparator it is possible to obtain the financial data of the companies, technical data and the valuations of the companies.

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