My Dad Gave out Too Many Keys

Before my father passed away, my mother was very carefree with just about everything. After he died though, she changed. It is understandable because they had one of the greatest love stories I have ever seen in my life. It was hard watching her turn into someone different though. She lost her security blanket, which resulted in her becoming paranoid over certain things. She still wanted to stay in the home they had purchased when they first married, but she asked me to find a company that could make her new keys in Brisbane.

This really puzzled me because there was no reason in my mind why she would need new keys. Rather than give in to her at first, I talked with her to find out why she felt the need to spend money on something like that. She explained that when my father was alive, anyone who came to the house to have work done was usually given a key. I knew that he did this because he only used contractors that he trusted. What I did not realize was that he gave out so many keys in the few years leading up to his death.

When she told me how many keys he had given out, I realized that my mother was not being paranoid in this instance. I was actually relieved that she wanted new keys because while the contractors were all trusted by my father, the same could not be said about the people working with them. It just takes one unscrupulous person to make the wrong choice! I contacted a locksmith who came out and rekeyed the two locks where keys had been passed out. It gave my mom such peace knowing this was done. Truth be told, it gave me more peace too knowing that she is better protected now.

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