I Needed Commercial Landscaping Work Done

I am the type of person who takes action immediately when I see that there is a problem. When I became the new manager for an office complex with nearly two dozen open vacancies, I knew that part of the problem was the way the property looked. The buildings are all fairly new and they look nice, but there was no landscaping at all. I contacted a tree service in Long Island NY that does commercial landscaping, and I made an appointment with someone to come out and give me some ideas.

I know a great landscape when I see one, but I did not know the first thing about handling something like that on my own. One of the reasons why I am so successful is because I delegate to the right people, and the professional landscaping company that I ended up hiring is just another example of that. When they came out to look at the property, I knew that they were probably happy that there was nothing there already. They did not have to finish what someone else started, meaning they could start from the very beginning on their own.

I gave them the amount in the budget for this, and they were pleased with what they had to work with. I knew that it would take months for everything to look perfectly right, because flowers had to bloom first and trees would definitely take some time to grow. I left everything to them after seeing their portfolio, which showed other jobs that they have done of the same magnitude. Even when they were first done, everything looked so much better. However, as the season progressed and things began to bloom and mature, that is when the real difference happened. There are just three vacancies now, and they won’t be empty for long!