I Cut Up a Tree Today

The boss was going to hire a Queens tree service to get rid of a fallen tree, but I told him that I had a chainsaw and I knew a guy that would like to take the wood. In fact this was a good hardwood tree, but the roots had been undermined by heavy rains and it was leaning out towards the sun in the yard. At any rate when I called up this guy he was really excited, because this is the sort of wood you really want if you have a wood stove like the one that he uses.A soft wood is not really going to produce much heat and you will have to constantly replenish it if that is what you are burning. However he wanted to cut it into 12 foot logs and then turn it into lumber. Apparently he has rigged up some sort of lumber mill.

I went to see him use this thing and he first turned the logs into beams and then he sliced them into lumber. Of course it is not going to be wood that you can use until you let it dry out and the wood that we cut up was not ready. You take the bark off of it first though, since it will rot if you do not. Then you just leave it to dry for as long as that takes. However you need a perfect piece of wood to make a good piece of lumber and this is not usually what you get. So you expect that a lot of what you are going to have. It is a big deal if you do get something that is right and you can make stuff out of it, at least it is for this guy. I have no idea how it works.