The brush you choose to use on your project depends on what you are painting and the look you are trying to achieve. Also, do not forget that you need to consider the size of the brush you are most comfortable with. The size that works well for me, may not be what is best for you. Most notably, pick your brushes based on the projects you will be working on and also what fits your comfort levels. This will certainly enable you to develop a lovely artwork.

You might be asking yourself, what brush should I use if I were painting lilacs, wisteria, or wanting to add texture to my shading? That’s right, the Scruffy Brush would be your brush of choice! It is also a great brush when you are painting fur and doing faux finishes. This brush is dampened prior to using it. You should gently twist the bristles around so you create an oval shape, and then you are ready to dip into your paint and let the pouncing begin! Clean up consists of pounce the bristles and not racking them. Racking may cause the bristles to break off. You can bounce the brush in a paper towel after cleaning, to ensure all of the paint has been removed. Allow this brush to dry before using it again.



The Flat Brush is one of the most common brushes made use of, specifically for those who do the One Stroke Technique. This brush has longer bristles and also much less thickness in the body if you are using the One Stroke Brushes. It has a sharp carve edge. Several strokes will begin and end on the chisel part, so it is very important for your brush to have a nice edge. Your layouts will be so much crisper and cleaner if they are.


To start painting with a flat brush simply moisten the bristles and dry off with a paper towel. You may now begin. You all set to load your brush. Bear in mind, if you are doing the One Stroke Strategy it is really crucial to load your brush so it is 2 thirds of the way full. The more paint on your brush, the better the flow will be. When you are finished, just gently rack your brush back in forth in your caddy to remove the paint

Script Liners liners are great for adding ribbons, curlicues, and smaller detail to your painted pieces. Often these are used with more of an inky or thinned consistency paint. Clean the liners as you would the flat brushes.

Painting your magnificent artwork for your online gallery by using one type of brush

Believe it or not, it is possible to paint a beautiful piece of art using just one type and size of a brush. There are many more to select from than what is mentioned here including the academy paint brushes. These are just a few, which seem to be good ones to start off with. You are the artist so choose what works best for you!

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